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Open your eyes


Most of us don’t care about society problems. Maybe you think “we are young and there is no time to think about it”. It’s time to grow up and to take a look at the society. 
If you look around you will see girls dying for being on TV, they won’t stop till they’ve reached their dreams, diet pills, surgery, photoshop pictures in magazines, telling them how they should be, it doesn’t make sense. 
To be beautiful doesn’t mean to have a statuary body but to have an own personality, own ideas and a coherent morality. 
We would not be depressed if we don’t catch up the rigid outlines set up from the media (newspapers, radio, magazines, TV etc…) but we have to accept ourselves as we are and to think about more important problems. 
The society doesn’t care about teenagers problems and there are no many meeting centres for those girls who do not feel themselves accepted by the society. For example some days ago in Italy, a girl killed herself because she was not accepted by her friends who didn’t considered her as a friend and she felt alone… 
There are a lot of people driving big cars, dressed with high class labels, living in “palaces” and they don’t care about the kids starving in the street, who don’t have anything to eat, and sleeping under the bridges… 
Apparently this society seems wrong but it’s never too late to improve it; the society is composed by a billion of people and most of them have problems, so we have to help them singularly. 

By Mucelli V., Coniglione M., Chillotti M., Tolu E., Sesuru C., Ibba V., e Palla A.