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It may have happened to you sometimes when surfing on the net and speaking to unknown guys to have problems in understanding what they are telling you, not because you don’t know English well, but only because they are using texting terms, some kind of abbreviations called “Slang”.

Here are some slang terms that maybe will help you to understand better what your new friend is telling you in a chat …

LOL -- "laugh out loud", "laughing out loud", "lots of laughter", "lots of laughs
ROFL \ ROTFL -- "rolling on (the) floor laughing"
ERM -- wait a minute, I’m thinking
AFK -- "away from keyboard"
CU -- "See you later"
LAG -- low connection
LAMER -- Ignorant
NP -- "no problem"
OMG -- "Oh my God"
THNX \ THX \ TNX \ TX -- "thanks"
TY -- "thank you"
AKA -- "Also know as"
BTW -- "By the way"
BRB -- "Be Right Back"

By  M.Cauterucci, F.Greco, M.Mucili, S.Naddeo, A.Peddis, F.Porru, S.Tuveri.