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My driving licence


Hello! I’m EXTREMELY happy today because I just passed my driving licence test and I can finally drive a car on my own now!!! :) In England people can drive from the age of seventeen, but the goverment is thinking about changing the law to follow the European standard that is 18. This morning arround nine I met my examiner and after a brief chat started the examination that took only arround twenty minutes to complete but to me it felt like an eternity! Even if London is well connected by public transport, being able to drive a car is still very useful especially for next year when I might leave London to go and study at university, and it’s also useful for going out to places not easily reached by public transport, as for example when I want to go to an "outlet" village I won’t have to wait for mum and dad to go but I will be able to go with my friends whenever I want! Do you have a driving licence? If you don’t, would you like to have one? Keep in touch!

All the best,



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