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The Court of Justice


Hi guys! Were still us, class 4^C ^! This time we will speak about The Court of Justice!!!ok? it's an argument Very important!
In order to know something more, just go on reading!!

The Court of Justice

The Court of Justice is composed of 27 Judges and eight Advocates General. The Judges and Advocates General are appointed by common accord by the governments of the Member States for a renewable term of six years. They are chosen from among lawyers whose independence is beyond doubt and who possess the qualifications required for appointment, in their respective countries, to the highest judicial offices, or who are of recognised competence.
The Judges of the Court elect one of themselves as President of the Court for a renewable term of three years. The President directs the work and staff of the Court and presides at hearings and deliberations of the full Court or the Grand Chamber.
The Advocates General assist the Court. They are responsible for presenting, with complete impartiality and independence, an 'opinion' in the cases assigned to them.
The Registrar is the institution's secretary general and manages its departments under the authority of the President of the Court.
The Court may sit as a full court, in a Grand Chamber of 13 judges or in Chambers of three or five judges. The Court sits as a full court in the particular cases prescribed by the Statute of the Court (proceedings to dismiss the European Ombudsman or a Member of the European Commission who has failed to fulfil his or her obligations, etc.) and where the Court considers that a case is of exceptional importance. It sits in a Grand Chamber when a Member State or an institution which is a party to the proceedings so requests, and in particularly complex or important cases. Other cases are heard by Chambers of three or five judges. The Presidents of the Chambers of five judges are elected for three years, and those of the Chambers of three judges for one year.

By M.Cauterucci, F.Greco, M.Mucili, S.Naddeo, A.Peddis, F.Porru, S.Tuveri.